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Internet on Board WiFi Railways

A clear key competitive advantage. Internet on trains has become a new standard of comfort. For passengers, a connection to broadband Internet allows productive use of their travel time. For train operators, this competitive advantage is a very attractive proposition for passenger loyalty by improving their level of onboard services.

"The internet is not just for business travelers ..." The Wi-Fi phones and portable Internet devices are becoming the new standard mobile device to all business users, students and leisure passengers.

The Broadband Internet solution for trains allow passengers:

The system combines features of the project as, satellite, GPRS and UMTS with Wi-Fi technology to provide Internet connectivity to trains depending on the architecture.

Satellite Internet for Trains Nassat

Multimedia Aboard Trains

Multimedia on board is a complete solution for the needs of business and leisure. This system is a multimedia portal that includes not only Internet access, but also features entertainment, while business travelers can make productive use of internet to send and receive emails, leisure passengers can Use of Multimedia Portal and read a newspaper, watch a movie, get the latest news, watch TV or listen to music.

The entertainment features borrowed from this website offer a great alternative and complement passenger demand for use of Internet, local organizing media content dedicated servers and installed on board trains. Updating the media can be activated at night in order to optimize the use of broadband Internet, thereby minimizing any impact on the user experience of Internet customer.

Satellite Internet High Speed ​​Trains

Flexible Solutions

The Multimedia Portal can be designed according to the brand and the image of the train operator, which provides a highly visible platform for communication with passengers.

Depending on the configuration of the train between the different classes of travel - Premium / Business / Economy or first / second class - design and Multimedia portal content can be differentiated and adapted to different needs. The NASSAT Multimedia Portal provides a fully flexible solution for train operators.


Data Centers: Internet connectivity with high reliability and network management. Data center equipment includes routers, firewalls, databases and network management servers.

Communication Systems: Satellites and Station Satellite Ground Station Equipment Hub, Antennas Cellular Networks + Trackside.

Satellite Internet and WiFi Trains

Software Distributor

Communication module: Multi-channel multi-operator to maximize the availability and bandwidth aggregation.

Train staff of network security: Secure private network for personal applications and train crew.

Customizable Portal: Suitable for all types of devices - laptops, tablets, smart phones, touch screens - which gives access to video on demand, TV, newspapers, weather reports, travel information, and the Internet.

IPTV Module: Internet Protocol Television without interruption to view live TV on board until 300km / h.

Film Module: Synchronized multi-screen playback and audio tracks in different languages ​​with the train or the remote control.

System Administration: Modules for the monitoring, analysis, reporting and administration.

Managed band width: NASSAT provides bandwidth point to point run through multiple channels (satellite, terrestrial wireless cellular networks, Wi-Fi or ground antennas) for previously agreed service levels.

Network Operations: X X 24 7 365, exclusive operators dedicated to monitoring change control and remote intervention for analysis and correction of faults.

Operator: With Broadband service NASSAT rail operator can manage dedicated railway applications such as traffic updates last minute ticketing and real-time management of traffic disruptions.
With independent and secure wireless internet connectivity, real-time information and online payments can be sent and received by shipboard personnel through their Wi-Fi enabled PDA or Smartphone.

Satellite Internet High Speed ​​Trains Nassat

Monitoring and Maintenance

Real time tracking Internet Service NASSAT. The Internet service management and constant monitoring is guaranteed by the Operations Center (NOC) NASSAT. The NOC continuously monitors each component of train equipment, including communication sub-system of satellites, Wi-Fi and UMTS modems, routers, servers and access points.
A comprehensive alert system notifies our Monitoring Team identified technical problems on trains, the combination of Internet connectivity with GSM remote control system when the satellite link is available. The NOC also collects usage statistics and detailed records of the operation of all major components of the train.

Installation and maintenance of the system NASSAT: NASSAT has gained considerable experience in working with train operators. Maintaining NASSAT solutions is based on the following principles:


Satellite Internet Trains Diagram

Satellite Communications Trains Nassat

The architecture of this system supports multiple connectivity technologies - satellite, cellular, wireless high-speed environment and antennas for Wi-Fi stations and reservoirs - and can add traffic over various technologies and different media, dynamically adjusting the performance for each channel according to the capacity available as cost basis, the algorithm is aware of the location.


Through NASSAT connectivity services, the operator accesses a scalable and affordable solution for managing various operations.
Broadband NASSAT gives the operator via railway management applications that allow you to access privileged information last minute and consequently increase the level of safety on the trip.
Furthermore, independent and secure wireless Internet connectivity may be sent online payments, and received by the board staff via your Wi-Fi enabled on your PDA or Smartphone.

Other Elements of the System

On Board Film
With "audio on the seat," volume control on the headphones and multilingual playback.

Personal Touch Screens
Stow-away personal TV screens with live video, depending on demand access to a vast library of content by train.

Wi-Fi for passengers
Entertainment and internet access on all devices - laptops, smartphones, tablets, touch screens.

Integrated roof antenna.

Satellite Internet Freight Trains