Maritime Satellite Internet

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Maritime Satellite Internet

NASSAT plays an integral role in the lives of sailors. When it comes to providing communications services and reliable maritime safety, no other network can match the overall scope and breadth of services we offer.

NASSAT offers an unrivaled range of voice, fax and data to suit all types and tonnage of vessels from small yachts to the largest ocean-going vessels, allowing boaters to communicate as effectively both on board and ashore

Thousands of vessels in the merchant, fishing, leisure and government sectors rely on these services for updating position reports, telemedicine, weather and navigational charts, and to allow the crew to call or communicate by e-mail friends and family, becoming a vital resource to keep their spirits when they are at sea sometimes for months. The Fleet services have become the standard for tall ships, with over 20,000 terminals in service stations.

However, the most important role of Nassat resides in providing security services. Satellite services are the foundation of the Global Maritime Distress and System Safety System (GMDSS), which connects instantly to sailors worldwide center nearest rescue coordination. Many lives have been saved thanks to these services, and countless sailors loose moorings every day, safe in the knowledge that help is as easy as pressing a button.

The reliability of our network is critical to providing this capability. On average, our network availability exceeds 99.99 percent. This is continuously monitored by the International Mobile Telecommunications Satellite Organization (IMSO) to ensure we meet the requirements of the International Maritime for the GMDSS system for the maritime industry Organization (IMO).

In 2007, Nassat enriched his list of marine services with the launch of BASMAV, which offers voice and broadband data simultaneously - at speeds of shared access to 432 kbps per channel - plus the option of data rates guaranteed on demand - up to 256 kbps. The service also allows more advanced applications such as GSM phone use at sea, using pico-cellular technology.

BASMAV the maritime service is the fastest growing in our history and is being used in some of the largest international merchant fleets. BASMAV available globally except for the extreme polar regions.

Technical assistance SeaTel, Intellian, KNS, KVH, Sea King, Cobham, Raymarine, Acutec, Glomex, AzTrax, Orbit.