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Prevention is the best and cheapest treatment for any disease ...

According DGCONA, area fire management of the Directorate General of Nature Conservation of the Ministry of Environment, Spain is at the top within the Mediterranean basin countries, in terms of forest area burned. Today, they are starting to publish specific data on the effects of these fires on both the local ecosystem and their impact on the environment globally. These data creepy make us aware of the need for the involvement of each and every one of us, particularly as both companies to direct part of our efforts to protect the source of wealth, health and welfare provided by our forests and local countryside.

With this objective, has developed a solution NASSAT satellite tracking movements with potentially foreign identifiers and / or suspected initial prendimientos locators and possible sources, plus, naturally, monitoring and expansion of fire. All in real time. This system will support decision-making in the areas of work to prevent, control and combat of forest fires. The solution is presented with visual access to the area being monitored with the option of virtually perimetrar specific areas for efficient management to extend the chances of fire control and ensure the safety of personnel in the field, by its location at all times avoiding tragedies that are still suffering to this day. This solution also allows the use of fire, in the form of prescribed fire as a management tool, suitable and inexpensive, to erect barriers to the spread of fire (E. Martinez, 2001-Manual controlled burns).

Goodbye maps and images frozen. Any registered user can be monitored live by a smartphone or other media that has Internet access. You can also receive alerts by e-mail and sms.

This solution protects the areas with more potential for forest fires and also the most susceptible to vandalism, optimizing the work of security, control, fighting forest fires and other similar factors.

You should know that ...

The costs generated by the extinction equipment (not counting the loss of life and natural heritage to which we can not put a price), is counted by millions of Euros and many years of slow recovery (in case this possibility fits).


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