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NASSAT care with special attention to the needs of renewable energy generators such as photovoltaic and wind parks. The services required by them to Security, Telemetry or BackupThey are integrated in networks with dedicated and exclusive self-managed system, thus ensuring a fast flow at each time of transmission. These speeds staggered manage themselves according to the need of the serviceEither continuous or peaks, thanks to the availability of a bandwidth exceeding conventional satellite band networks. All fully automated and no additional charge.

Satellite NASSAT provide connections High-speed broadband, Safe, guaranteed in writing, without geographical limits or obligations of permanence.

Teleports - High Performance Earth Stations

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Project management:Integrated project management from design, supply, installation, civil works, acceptance testing, verification testing, documentation, training and support to commissioning.

Engineering: We try to adapt to the needs or customer requirements and design the most appropriate configuration of fixed or transportable earth stations, according to the most advanced technology available in the market.

Civil work: In the case of fixed earth stations carry out the civil works project, conditioned by the physical characteristics of the antenna and the inherent constraints of the mechanical strength of the soil, we manage building permits and visas.

Installation and commissioning: Equipment & Systems has a team of professional installers specializing in the installation of earth stations performing acceptance testing of equipment, system and check with or satellite systems that the customer requires, develops test documentation, operation and maintenance, and assists in commissioning.

Training courses: We conduct training courses extent provided, including theoretical training at the team level and system implementations and operation and maintenance

Technical services: NASSAT provides customers three levels of service:

Pre-sales support: Presentations and seminars on new products. Customer collaboration in defining needs

Support integration of systems and applications: They are provided to the customer turnkey systems and support both "hardware" and "software".

After-sales service: installation and commissioning of systems and equipment maintenance and warranty for the life of them covered.

Annual Maintenance Contract, under which the following services are guaranteed:

Satellite Internet

Energy efficiency

Our Energy Efficiency Division It has its strength in the broad experience and training of its members, with graduates in Energy Management Engineers in Construction, Professional Certification & V Savings Returned, Energy Rating edificos, etc. that make us be at the forefront of companies in the sector.

Needs analysis: Proyectosa adjust the characteristics of each customer to provide solutions.

Integration projects: We offer a range of different solutions with the client to achieve high levels of savings with the premise that savings from covering investment and generate positive cash flows.

Energy Audits | Energy Management: We offer the customer the opportunity to know the status of consumption installation in real time to detail and be able to make an efficient energy management of it to take you to control your spending and be more profitable.

Certified Measurement and Verification: Our technicians have the prestigious title CMVP that certifies them as Certifying Professional Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol using IPMVP EVO, one of the few companies in Spain that offer this service. We integrate both our projects and for projects outside the client wants to be sure of the savings generated by a particular measure offered by a third party.

Maintenance contracts for projects Improving Energy Efficiency: Our projects have a maintenance service through which the customer can ensure that the measures taken will be effective over time.