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Code of Ethics NASSAT

Ethics and Best Practices


The ethical principles that guide our actions also based our image of solid and reliable company.
This Code of Ethics meets the guidelines to be observed in our professional action to achieve ever higher ethical standards in the exercise of our activities. It reflects our cultural identity and the commitments we made in the markets in which we operate.


This Code of Ethics to all managers and employees NASSAT applies.

General principles

NASSAT is convinced that to consolidate and develop, must be based on business objectives and strict ethical principles that are shared by managers and employees of the company.

We act in the market of new technologies having in view the continuous development, leadership performance and customer satisfaction. Among our most important goals is to maintain a reputation for solid, reliable company aware of our social and corporate responsibility, seeking to obtain results in honest, fair, legal and transparent.

Our actions must always be permanently marked by integrity, trust and loyalty, as well as the respect and appreciation of the human being, in their privacy, individuality and dignity. We repudiate any guided by prejudice concerning origin, ethnicity, religion, social class, sex, color, age, disability and any other form of discrimination attitude.

We believe in the importance of social and corporate responsibility as a company committed to the communities in which it operates, and that this responsibility is fully realized when actions contribute towards these communities.

Managers and employees must undertake to ensure the values ​​and image of the company, maintaining a consistent position with that image and those values ​​and act in defense of the interests of customers and the Company. The pursuit of development of our company must be based on these principles, with the confidence that our actions are guided by the highest ethical standards and strict respect for legality.

Responsibilities of administrators

It is up to the senior executives of the Company, in the exercise of their activities:

professional and personal integrity

Customer Relations

Relationships in the Workplace

Relations with the Public Sector

Relations with Suppliers

Relations with Competitors

Management Code of Ethics

Ethics Committee

final provisions

Disclosure and compliance with the rules of conduct are arranged in the Circular Internal Rules.