Internet Satellite Antennas Automatic Orientation

Technical Training Courses Specialist Satellite Dishes Satellite Internet with mobile and fixed

Recognised Professional Certificates

NASSAT available to the telecommunications installers "NASSAT TRAINING COURSE FOR EUROPE AND LATIN AMERICA"Dedicated to technical training and which aims to expand into workshops and sessions on topics such as DVB-S2 systems (Ku and Ka Band), among other items of interest.

NASSAT performs an important long training work for telecom installers, with specific courses on installation and maintenance of fixed satellite dishes for satellite Internet access, advanced services (automatic mobile antennas, marine, multicast, etc.) with corresponding certifications.

Currently, NASSAT is developing the course plan 2012 / 2013 and wants to have the collaboration of telecommunications installers to define areas of interest for future sessions. Among those proposed are:

NASSAT has a team that will respond to queries and provide support and consultancy work for installers who require it.

With these initiatives, NASSAT close ties with the group of telecommunications installers. In this line, NASSAT also organizes promotional activities, raffles and prizes.