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Automatic and Fixed Parabolic Antennas with Global Coverage

Brief Summary of Internet Satellite Solutions NASSAT ®

Satellite Internet for Business

Internet Via Satellite with Fixed Antennas for Professionals, Public Companies, Private Companies, Autonomous, Government Scenarios and Isolated Communities,

Custom Bandwidth - Ka, Ku, C and X Military Bands. MEO and GEO satellites. No contracts of permanence, without traffic limitations - Up to 700 Mb according to Antenna, Geography and Project - Mini Teleports for small communities and isolated towns - SCADA System - Corporate VNO - Adaptation to the existing VPN - Telemetry, Video surveillance (CCTV), Teleports, Backup, etc.

Mobile Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet with Automatic Satellite Antennas - SATCOM - Autodeploy / OntheMove - SOTM / COTM

Several models to choose from, depending on the project, between: Autodeploy (traditional folding and parked display) or High Capacity Flat in Motion (OnTheMove). Civil Protection, Emergencies, PMA, Bibliobús, Mobile Banking, Caravans, etc. - Civil and Military. Both architectures adapt to any vehicle and trailer. Bandwidth to measure. Without consumption limitation. Without Permanence. Up to 128 MB according to automatic mobile antenna model. Global coverage. Satellites: LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO Bands: C, S, L, Ka, Ku and military X

Maritime Satellite Internet

Maritime Satellite Internet for Ships and Offshore

Sea satellite internet. Flat rate. Without traffic limits. Global coverage. Nassat treats each boat individually. Facilities for equipment acquisition. If you have an antenna installed, Nassat replaces your current connection without having to buy new antenna (this possibility is only possible when replacing one connection with another in the same band). Optionally we extend our services to the installation of security systems, TV, VoIP Phone, Wifi, etc. Satellites: LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO - Ku Band, Ka, C, L, S and X Military

Satellite Internet Aerea

Satellite Internet for Aircraft: General Aviation, Commercial, Helicopters and UAV (civil and military).

Nassat Air is a connection customized broadband up to 128 MB (depending on antenna), for aircraft that allows flight information in real time in the cokpit, Hotspot, Mobile Telephony and / or VoIP, Piped music, TV and videos on demand. Depending on the aircraft and route, you can choose between Ku, Ka, L, C, S, and Military X with flat rate, without limits of discharge. Any of the Bands, are suitable for transmission of real-time events and video conferencing. All Approvals and Certifications Needed - Satellites LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO - Availability of Antennas of Metamaterials and MicroVsat.

Satellite Internet for Trains

Switched Satellite Internet for Trains

The system combines NASSAT satellite connections with UMTS / LTE / GPRS and Wi-Fi technology inside to provide permanent connectivity to the Internet, Hotspot, Entertainment, TV and Video on demand on high-speed trains. Dozens of satellites to choose according to project and geographical area. Availability of Antennas with Phased Array Architecture or Metamaterials - Option of Activation by Seasons - Bandwidth to measure - Without limitation of consumption - Without Permanence - Up to 1 Gigabit according to Antenna and Geography - Global Coverage Satellites: LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO - Bands L, S, C, Ku, Ka and Military X

Satellite Phones

Mobile Phones Satellite L-Band and GSM

Nassat has a wide range of mobile phones and hybrid satellite connection (satellite + GSM). All with global coverage. The most notable applications for the use of these teams are: Rescue teams, field research, foreign correspondents, conflict zones, Adventure sports, etc.

Brief Summary of Solutions R & D Satellite NASSAT ®

Casual Internet for Events

Satellite Internet for occasional events. Multiples of 100Mb X 30Mb

Any kind of event: Festivals, weddings, communions, trade shows, conferences, Bachelor, electoral Meeting, Business Events, etc. Optional Wi-Fi to access attendees. unlimited unmetered traffic. Quote for days. Wide range of possibilities depending on the event. The request must be made one week in advance minimum.

Casual Internet for Production-DSNG

DSNG - STREAMING - Satellite Internet for Production.

NASSAT has developed a specific communication protocol via satellite transmission / reception of audiovisual content. Applicable to mobile or transportable equipment. All this translates into professional services, stable transmission, absence of latencies and without booking.

Nassat - Internet High Capacity Satellite.
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