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Air, Land and Sea - Freedom of satellite communication on the move.

2003 Year: Nassat born from the initiative of a group of professional engineers seeking to integrate different areas of satellite sector with the aim of offering practical answers and solutions, accessible and high-level.

As technological research center, NASSAT addresses issues of particular complexity in organizations, enterprises, institutions and communities, inherent weaknesses in telecommunications infrastructures in many cases nonexistent.

The development of satellite telecommunications solutions to meet the different needs of the market, requires extremely qualified staff with expert management in leading technical, art protocols that enable real and honest deal satellite bandwidth high speedAs well as an inexhaustible source of creativity. All of these tools and the desire to serve society around the group that makes up the various professionals Nassat, is what allows you to custom responses, viable and innovative in the field of Satellite Internet.

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Nassat - Satellite Internet.
Address: Cl. Federico Garcia Lorca, 38, The Alamo, Madrid.
Phone: + 34 902 361 728

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