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Some Examples of Products and Services Satellite Internet NASSAT

Mobile Internet

Systems and Mobile Satellite Communication Services NASSAT offers a full range of mobile satellite communication solutions, consisting of stabilized broadband antennas (VSAT) used to establish a continuous broadband link with a mobile platform, and TV antennas only. NASSAT systems are operating in thousands of ships and offshore platforms, trains and airplanes. Our mobile satellite communication systems are among the most critical components of the broadband infrastructure, required for services and applications used on mobile platforms. Such services and applications include Internet global connectivity for voice, video and data, and TV reception.


Tracking and Telemetry Tracking systems and Telemetry NASSAT allow continuous communication of fixed and mobile platforms to moving targets. These systems are used for aircraft flight telemetry, missile tests, command and control of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as for telemetry, tracking and control of satellites LEO / MEO, and for downloading data. Systems digital monitoring highly dynamic NASSAT are proven in the field and allow pinpoint accuracy under extreme climatic and environmental conditions. Antennas support 1 to 10 meters (3 to 33 feet) in diameter, combined with innovative technology supply multi-band allows simultaneous operation in different bands, solutions NASSAT reduce capital investment and the need for maintain multiple tracking systems.


Communications Management Solutions NASSAT provides innovative digital systems and analog audio for Communications Management for both air and sea platforms. These systems manage internal and external communications, including wireless intercom capability and compatibility with devices of old radios, and digital communications and even IP-based. The systems are designed, certified and tested to meet the most demanding requirements of flexible and secure audio management systems. The sistems are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

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